Chapman Stick for sale

Update: Stick #1501 has been sold.

This is Chapman Stick #1501.

It is a 38” scale instrument, very unusual; I think only two of them were built. I bought it on eBay last summer (2010) for $800. During its lifetime it had undergone some ill-conceived modifications, so I sent it on to Stick Enterprises to be refurbished. Emmett Chapman wrote back right away:

This weekend I started working on your 38″ scale Stick with the two extra lower frets and the five extra higher frets.   I’m now at a point where I need your input before I proceed further.

Here are my suggestions to make it the best instrument possible .

I’d like to use the bridge and tailpiece section from a newer Stick to replace the section that’s so badly excavated on your instrument. The newer section is extended and contoured to accommodate an adjustable bridge with an additional half inch butt end, as on our new productions.

An adjustable bridge will also allow any tuning, but because there’s no adjustable truss rod, you’d still be restricted to light gauges only, whichever tuning you choose.

The new attached tailpiece end will be in our hardest satine wood, a reddish color, with a bottom portion extending all the way across the bottom pickup area to the inner rear curve under the highest frets- a large horizontal lamination for strength.

For this rebuild to work, I must use the satine hardwood piece that I have and also provide a wider channel for one of the two available Block pickup modules.  I’d recommend the ACTV-2.

I agreed to the modifications, and Cambria emailed me back with this more detailed worklist:

  • dress frets: sanding, filing, crowning and polishing
  • refinish fretboard surface, and between frets
  • replace bridge & nut screws with brass screws
  • refinish rear surface, headstock, & bridge surface
  • refinish wood, 2 coats
  • make sides slightly narrower
  • small parts replacement (replace damper, twist-lock stud, etc.
  • reconstruct & brace the pickup channel area
  • refill holes
  • tighten tuners
  • refinish 1st fret space: rasp lower, sand & Watco
  • $570. for above labor
  • $240. for a new replacement pickup
  • $33 to install new set of strings (Baritone Melody)
  • Adjustable belt hook $30
  • Extra set of Baritone Melody strings $33
  • Standard 15’ CBI cable $40
  • Stick Book Baritone Melody Vol 1 by Greg Howard $33
  • Stick Book companion CD $20
  • Trade original case for partially used SKB hard shell case $100
  • Total $1099

Plus the $800 initial investment, I’ve invested $1899 in this stick. I would like to get $1500 for it, but I’ll entertain reasonable offers. Shipping to the lower 48 should run between $40 and $50.












2 responses to “Chapman Stick for sale

  1. is the stick still for sale?

  2. Sorry, I should have updated this post. The stick has been sold.

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